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Cremation Or Burial

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Cremation Or Burial

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Simple direct cremation.

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It’s all about you. It’s all about your values. Commemorating the lives of lost loved ones in a dignified and graceful manner is the least end-of-life care they deserve. While some prefer solemn and respectful memorial services, others may prefer more cathartic celebration-of-life services. Families also choose either cremation or burial for the final disposition of their loved one, but this can pose a challenge especially during this difficult time.

In some cases, the wishes of your loved one may not be clearly defined. Whatever the case may be, we offer our clients maximum support for whatever end-of-life-service they wish to create. We have a wide range of options – and you can count on us to offer individualized services tailored to meet your preferences.

Burial Services

The burial of a loved one is always an emotional experience. In order to ensure a dignified service, the arrangements can be customized in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, or the preferences of the family. We do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to our burial services; every service is planned to fit the family’s request, while ensuring it remains intimate, beautiful, and affirming.

Cremation Services

Like burial services, cremation is modified to fit the wishes, beliefs, values desires of each family, while ensuring your deceased loved one is meaningfully honored. We also offer families a variety of options for the preservation and honor of the deceased’s remains.

Whatever service you choose – cremation or burial – we work with you to ensure it fulfills all the wishes of you, your family, and your deceased loved one. Please contact us as soon as you can so we can discuss your best options.

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